Tim Rice and Alan Menken collaborated on an adaption of the biblical story of King David for the inaugural production at Disney's New Amsterdam Theatre in May of 1997. 

King David played as an oratorio concert with costumes but limited staging and direction. A live audio recording was made and released as a CD of selections from the show after its limited engagement ended.

The show begins with David's death and then flashes back to when he is discovered and anointed by the prophet Samuel. David wins the respect of King Saul, the friendship of the King's song Jonathan and the hand of the King's daughter Michal in marriage. Saul's jealousy of David's fame results in David's exile into the wilderness. David's forces overpower Saul's, and upon Saul's death David becomes king. David's affair with Bathsheba results in the birth of Solomn who David chooses to succeed him. 

The ballad "Never Again" has been performed by Patti LuPone at a Hollywood Bowl concert in 1997 and recorded by Ruthie Henshall on her 2001 "Pilgram" album.