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Eva Rice

Eva Rice was educated at St. Mary's Calne and went on to read Theology at Bristol University. She is a singer/songwriter who plays guitar, and has performed and toured with several bands including The Replicant Saints who were profiled in The Times on 12 April 1996. She has also done modeling work, having been signed with IMG Models which led to fashion shoots for several magazines. In 2001 Eva was named the "official ambassador" for Miss Selfridge as it opened its new flagship store on Oxford Street.

Eva's first foray into the literary world was 1997's Who's Who In Enid Blyton which catalogues the characters featured in the famous children's author's series of books. Written to coincide with the centennial of Blyton's birth, Eva researched the book with the aid of her cousin Alex Rice. (Alex is the son of Sir Tim Rice's brother Jonathan. He is a member of Sir Tim's cricket team, Heartaches CC, and writes for its annual private publication the Heartaches Cricketer's Almanack.)

Standing Room Only is the title of Eva's first novel, "a rock 'n' roll fairytale", published in 2000. The title was derived from a lyric to Chess where the phrase appears as the abbreviation "SRO". With the band Moja (named after the band in her book), Eva released a single titled "Standing Room Only". This led to the Moja trio being featured in the 9-15 August 2000 issue of Melody Maker.

Butterfly Sting, Eva's second novel centering around a holiday romance in Spain, was published in 2002. This time the lyrical tribute was paid in the reverse as Sir Tim Rice included the title phrase in his 2004 song "A Touch Of Love".

Set in 1950's London, and featuring a heroine obsessed with American rock sensation of the time Johnnie Ray, The Lost Art Of Keeping Secrets is Eva's third novel. (The title is taken from the 2000 single "The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret" by Queens Of The Stone Age.) It was published in 2005 in Great Britain and in 2006 in the United States. The Lost Art Of Keeping Secrets was featured as one of the ten books chosen from over 500 submissions for popular television hosts Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan's 2006 Book Club.

Eva's fourth novel, The Dragonfly Summer, is set in the latter 1950's and follows a talented singer from a small village chasing her dreams. To have originally been published in the UK on 2 October 2008 in paperback with a hardcover edition to follow, the book has yet to be released.

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Donald Rice

Donald Rice studied History of Art at the University of Edinburgh. He has worked for Hart Sharp Entertainment in New York and has served in various capacities on numerous films, his early credits including work on Bright Young Things (2003), assistant to writer/director Stephen Poliakoff on the made-for-television The Lost Prince (2003) (about Prince John, the epileptic son of Queen Mary and George V) and production assistant on Closer (2004).

Donald directed his first short film in 2004, Traffic Warden, which stars David Tennant of Dr. Who fame. The film was nominated for The Ascent Short Film Award at the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival held 30 July - 5 August 2005.

I Am Bob was Donald's debut as a writer in 2007. Also directed by Donald, the comedy short film features a star-turn by Sir Bob Geldof who, due to an unfortunate twist of fate, finds himself a contestant in a Bob Geldof look-a-like contest. I Am Bob won the award for Best Short Film at the L.A. Shorts Festival held on 5-17 September 2007, and the Audience Award at the Milan Film Festival. The film was also featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, held in New York City 25 April - 6 May 2007, and at The Times BFI 51st London Film Festival, which was held on 17 October - 1 November 2007. I Am Bob also won the Ferrnand Raynaud Award at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2008.

Donald has just completed his first full-length feature, an adaptation of the 1930's novella Cheerful Weather For The Wedding by Julia Strachey. The film stars Felicity Jones, Elizabeth McGovern and Luke Treadaway. In addition to serving as director, Donald is also co-author of the screenplay with Mary Henely Magill. Cheerful Weather For The Wedding had its international debut in New York at the Tribeca Film Festival on 20 April 2012.

Donald is currently writing an adaptation of the autobiography of James Lees-Mine, Another Self, and a modern Ealing-type comedy.

Traffic Warden can be viewed online at : Indie Movies Online (UK, US & Canada Only)

I Am Bob can be viewed online at : Indie Movies Online (UK Only)

Donald Rice's profile on the Internet Movie Database may be found here.

Joan Rice

Joan Rice (1919-2009) began her professional life as a secretary, but abandoned London for foreign shores upon the outbreak of World War II when she joined the Women's Auxillary Air Force (WAAF). While in the WAAF, she worked as a secretary and then later as a photographic interpreter.

Over the years, Joan wrote countless short stories and articles for numerous publications including Punch and The Times. She also appeared several times on Woman's Hour, entertaining listeners with her humourous anecdotes of family life.

In August of 2006, the actual diaries Joan kept during World War II were published under the title Sand In My Shoes : War-Time Diaries Of A WAAF. The book provides a first-hand account of life at home and abroad in service with the WAAF, including the whirlwind romance between the then Joan Odette Bawden and army officer Hugh Gorden Rice in Egypt.

Sand In My Shoes : War-Time Diaries Of A WAAF at Amazon.co.uk

Jonathan "Jo" Rice

Jo Rice is an author, broadcaster, consultant and lecturer. An avid fan of popular music, he has amassed a collection of number one singles. Jo has co-compiled the extensive Guiness series of books on popular music with his brother Sir Tim Rice, Paul Gambaccini and from 1977-1985 Mike Read. These include the Guinness Book Of British Hit Singles Series, Guinness Book Of British Hit Albums Series, Guinness Hits Of The 70's, Guinness Hits Of The 80's, Guinness Hits Quiz Series, Guinness Hits Challenge Series and the Guinness Book Of Number One Hits.

In his capacity as Vice-Captain of Heartaches CC cricket team (founded by Sir Tim Rice), Jo writes for its annual private publication the Heartaches Cricketer's Almanack. He is a member of the cricket charity The Lords Taverners, and has been serving as their Chairman since 2006. Jo has spent over nine years living and working in Japan, and is fluent in Japanese. He has written books on Anglo-Japanese relations including Doing Business In Japan and Behind The Japanese Mask: How To Understand The Japanese Culture - And Work Successfully With It, and is a co-author of The Xenophobe's Guide To The Japanese. Jo has also authored Hyacinth Bucket's Book Of Etiquette For The Socially Less Fortunate, a companion book to the "Keeping Up Appearances" television comedy series.

Jo has written several books for the Curiosities series including Curiosities Of Politics, Curiosities of Golf, Curiosities Of Football and Curiosities Of Cricket. His primary literary talents have been focused on books relating to sport, with cricket being the sport Jo mainly writes about. Jo had his first book about cricket, The Complete Cricketer, published in 1985. Jo had a regular coloumn in Wisden Monthly from 1982-1997. He had the honour of contributing an article to the 2001 Wisden. Other titles Jo has written include: The Pavilion Book Of Pavilions, Start Of Play, One Hundred Lord's Tests : A Celebration Of The Home Of Cricket (forward by Sir Donald Bradman -- it has been featured at the Museum at Lord's as a publication of the MCC Cricket Library), The Fight For The Ashes 2001 (forward by David Gower), 1953 The Crowning Year Of Sport (forward by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh), Classic After-Dinner Sports Tales (forward by Mike Gatting), A Wisden Collection : Volume Two, The Unforgettable Tests : England v. Australia 2005 (forward by Mike Gatting), Bradman's First Tour: The Australians In England, 1930, The Presidents of MCC, The Wisden Collector's Guide (co-authored with Andrew Renshaw and with introduction by Sir Tim Rice) and Wisden On India - An Anthology (forward by Ravi Shastri).

1953: The Crowning Year of Sport :   Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com

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The Japanese Culture - And Work Successfully With It :  

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